Harvest Moon // Fire Cider

The instructions came by way of email. "Each group participating will gather and invite women how they find meaningful." Perfect. 

Amy, my sister from another and creator of Beleaf Skincare, and I gathered in the woods of Snaw-Naw-As territory. We each came with what we had foraged and harvested, sharing stories of how each piece came to be on that table with us. Perfect.

We filled our jars, with appreciation and love, as the sage burned into the misty Pacific Northwest air. Rain fell, gently adding to the jars. As the sun went down over Nanoose Bay, we found spots in the land, moving earth gratefully to make space. Perfect.

The fire cider will ferment, until the next full moon. And then she'll warm us, through the wintery days.  Perfect.

Many thanks to the sisterhood, Rural Consciousness Project, for sparking this meaningful day into existence and inviting us to join.